Dear Sir,

Let us look at the things from the doctor’s perspective.


When you go to doctor for promoting the products of a new company, although you may obliging him with lots of things. He asks about the quality and packing of a product, we say that the quality of our products is good, but are you sure about it.? If yes how ?


For that matter we provide you with the test reports of the products that you purchase from us. Remember it is not one time phenomenon. But batch after batch, we will send you the test reports. Are any of your friends doing franchisee business getting it.


What we see is what we eat is an old proverb.  As a marketing person you certainly know the advantages of a good packing. Packing is not just a box where you put in 10 strips. Lots of things go into it. Designing ,  Quality of Board, Quality of Printing, Strips presentation, quality of foil, printing of foil etc. The quality of all these things just not make them look good, but are also helpful in maintaining the quality of the product (medicines) in the retailers shelf. As the storage at the retailer end in rural India are not very good. Most of our packs are in Alu-Alu Packing and mat coated foil.

Wide Range

We provide you with a wide range of product mix of Approx 200 products in our various divisions, (specially the new molecules) so that when you go to a doctor, he finds the products in which he can support you, even if he is booked / engaged in common molecules , It works as door opener and you can build on it later on.

Marketing help

What is the difference between small companies and big companies?  I think you will agree with me that it is the marketing strategy and the presentation of a person in the doctor chamber.


For that matter we provide you with the very good and illustrative visual aid, where the images speak for themselves, about the message that you want to send home. A power point presentation will also be available soon for laptop presentation.


We also provide you with  Latest Scientific Studies/Papers on the products, Leave Behinds for brand reminder, Sample cartons,Medical  Rep  Bag, Stationary required for Medical Rep’s , Detailing Summary,  Medical CD’s


It is that your doctors are sent daily sms along with some quotation or a joke etc, with brand reminder of a product which he is prescribing. For example. If Doctor A is prescribing Ultaram –A and doctor B is prescribing Zeenacef, then doctor A will get the message of Ultaram- A and doctor B will get the message of Zeenacef.


Message will read like this. (Dear Dr A, Quotes sponsored by Positive Medicare,Makers of

Ultaram-A “Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is something that does not let you sleep. -Abdul Kalam   


Every day different quotation or joke etc will be sent. It is helpful as a brand reminder and also to attach new doctors. As a marketing person you now marketing is all about shouting and shouting loud, so that maximum number of people hear you.


As a marketing person many times you feel that if you had such and such product, you could do wonders with it. Or you want to upgrade your products as per changing markets.


But you can’t add more companies for one or two products, because of the market compulsions (doctors etc)


For this we have added a unique feature, where we make 3 new products every month with the suggestions from our franchisees.  This also helps you keep abreast with happenings or changes taking place in the market.


Our Prices are one of the most economical in the franchisee market.


We have a transparent policy on it. Our rates are the same everywhere. They do not change from customer to customer. If one is buying bigger lots, he gets the schemes. Price list along with the schemes etc  available on our website.

Monoply rights

We offer monopoly rights for a particular area to the franchisee and even make a contract with franchisee in writing.